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select a single face to mill

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select a single face to mill


This is probably something really simple i am missing, but - how can i select a single face to mill?

I am milling this as a second op and just want to clear out stock on the highlighted taper in 1mm depth of cut passes with a HFM 

If i use adaptive clearing 3d then the toolpath goes around the complete part,  if i use 3d contour then the cutter tries to machine both sides of the selected face



single face.png

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Selections and constraints. Can you share your file?

File > Export > Save to local folder. Return to thread and attach the .f3d file in your reply

Seth Madore
Owner, Liberty Machine, Inc.
Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.
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Added to 1st post

all the operations in setup2 are junk ive been playing with

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Seth Madore
Owner, Liberty Machine, Inc.
Good. Fast. Cheap. Pick two.
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Excellent,  Thanks ever so much for your help

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I am having the same problem. In your video, you are able to select the lines. I am not able to. Why and how can I fix that?


Much appreciated.

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in reply to: Irisusa-LOM

I was able to figure it out. Thank you

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