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Roll Around corners to specified radius

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Roll Around corners to specified radius

We have the option of rolling around the corners.


What about allowing the used to input a specified corner radius of sharp corner parts? ie when you select roll around sharp corner a field opens to specifiy the corner radius to apply to the sharp corner.


Anyone else find this useful?

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in reply to: Big_Mak

If we're talking deburring then I find it useful; otherwise, I would think that any significant radius would be modeled in the part and become part of the tool path when the geometry was chosen.


In a previous CAM software I used one option was round sharp corners with the option of entering a radius; used it quite a bit as mentioned above with radius values on order of 0.005in.



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in reply to: fredsi

That is exactly what I'm talking about. Just like 0.005-0.010"  Or what ever matches the customers or my part spec.

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in reply to: Big_Mak

Old post, but I'm suprised that this still, 2018, isn't possible to do without modifying the model.

We often get solids from customers and just make a radius/deburring on all sharp corners with a setting in gibbscam.
With Fusion we now have to apply a fillet with 0,1mm radius on all edges

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in reply to: rhdfmail

I asked for this probably around three years ago (maybe more) with the Gibbscam argument exactly in fact, and even using the Chamfer options as a parallel to the argument, but got no traction with the developers. Model modification is the only option.


Edit: ah I see this post is from three years ago. Might've been on the old HSMWorks forums even.

Neal Stein

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in reply to: Big_Mak

Does anyone know if it is already possible in the current version of fusion?

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in reply to: jordiQ84SY

@jordiQ84SY wrote:

Does anyone know if it is already possible in the current version of fusion?

No, it is not.

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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