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Regarding the addition of surface inspection logic.

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Regarding the addition of surface inspection logic.

Need support for implementing surface inspection logic into existing post processors.
I am a user of a Yasda PX30i Fanuc31i MODEL B5 5-axis machining center.
The probe is a Renishaw OMP-40.
I am currently in the process of creating a new custom macro for surface measurement and implementing the surface inspection logic so that the arguments to be passed to that macro can be output from the Fusion 360.


The arguments to be passed to the macro are implemented in "add logic.cps".
The tentatively implemented version is "px30i_bc_twp_pb.cps".
"Surfaceinspection macro.txt" contains an example macro description and the actual macro program.
All are still under construction and actual operation is not yet guaranteed.
The "px30i_bc_twp_pb.cps" is tentatively implemented, but when I try to post process it in Fusion360, it does not seem to be recognized as a post in the first place.
I looked at the "fanuc inspection.cps" file, but it did not give me the output result I was expecting, so I could not use it as a reference.
As long as the post is not recognized as a post, I can't see any error messages, so if anyone can tell me why it is not recognized, please let me know.

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