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Part alignment and zero point workholding

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Part alignment and zero point workholding

This is way more of a theoretical/fun question rather than real world practical, but here goes... 


I'm using a 4th-axis rotary equipped with a triangular zero-point tombstone.  It's modelled in CAD, with WCS set to the center of rotation/platter face.  


Theoretically, if master gauging pallets (w/precision ground bore/sides) were mounted to each face, could Fusion's Part Alignment features be used to calculate deviation and potentially improve accuracy in future machining operations? 


triangle - Copy.png




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Part alignment would maybe work but its is on a per part basis, so you would have to run it in each new instance of your work holding setup.


I have done something similar with a Lang Adaptor I made.

I probed the Gauging pallet in the machine and noted the deviations from theoretical and Adjusted the Joint Origin that attached the Work holding to the Adaptor/Tombstone.


Now that its calibrated in my parts come out perfect and its a one off thing.


You would have to do this 3 times for your tombstone



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in reply to: a.laasW8M6T

I would never have thought about using Joint Origin.... A truly elegant solution.  Thank you, Sir!

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