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Fusion 360 machine library missing

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Fusion 360 machine library missing


I've just started using the Manufacture module, focusing on AM.

However, when I open the Machine Library, it is empty, particularly the Fusion 360 library is not showing (see attached screenshot). Same on two PC installations.

Couldn't find any guidance to fix this.


Thanks for support, regards


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in reply to: wpillinger

I'm also having the same issue after redownloading/installing fusion 360. I'm using an educational license, but i don't think that is the primary issue. 


Fusion 360 Library Missing.PNG

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in reply to: wpillinger

Same issue here.  Is something broken in latest update??

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in reply to: rfassberg

Something's broken in every release lol

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- Apple M1 Max rMBP A2485 // Latest MacOS // Latest Fusion
- Usually working off files uploaded to Fusion as: Step, STL, SLDPRT. If it matters ask me.
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in reply to: wpillinger

I rebooted my fusion 360 and it suddenly appeared probably just a bug. 


Fusion 360 Library.PNG

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in reply to: wpillinger

Hi all -


We were having some problems in the back-end service that provides the machine library content. We believe these are resolved now. Please let us know if not.



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in reply to: wpillinger

Note that it will require a Fusion restart to get it to go looking for the machines again.


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in reply to: wpillinger

Looks good now after a restart today.   I can finally see the Fusion library.  Thanks for getting this fixed

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in reply to: wpillinger

Indeed, it works now.

Thanks a lot for picking this up, 


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I'm having the same issue.  Restarting Fusion 360 didn't help.



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in reply to: wpillinger

Hmm. As far as I know, the system is operational. Can you show a screenshot of where you're not seeing machines?

BTW, can you try to manually access the following URL in a browser, and tell me what you see?




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Hi all,

Since last update, I'm facing the same issue with machine library. Usually there are several machines like EOS, ultimaker etc but now I can see only Autodesk generic FFF machine. Even other machines like turning, milling only few are listed but there used to be a lot more machines. Even restart fusion didn't worked and even re-installing also didn't worked. I think its my user related because on the same computer in my colleagues login, it shows all machines. So basically looks like a settings issue. BTW, Enable cloud libraries option under preferences is ticked on. Appreciate any help in this regard.

Machine library.JPG


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in reply to: ananthsemail

Hi. Did you get this resolved? I'm having the exact same issue since latest update. Thanks!

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in reply to: wpillinger

Also having the same issue. (Even after rebooting)

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in reply to: wpillinger

any resolution?

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in reply to: wpillinger

Can you check the state of this item in Preview Features in Preferences?




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in reply to: jeff.pek

Looks like this screw up was never fixed.  I can't fathom why someone would link to a DLL on the internet.  Did anyone have the sense to provide a method for a manual backup?  Or am I being too optimistic?

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in reply to: wpillinger

Fusion machine library is empty.  Restarting Fusion doesn't solve the problem.  The setting Automatically get latest Posts, Machines and Print Settings is marked.

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in reply to: echojjj

I'm sorry to hear that's happened to you. Have you worked thru the steps in this article?


If you navigate to your web storage (click on the "world" icon in the Data Panel), do you see your files there in the appropriate folder?

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing
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in reply to: seth.madore

Thanks for that.  I got it working with the Enable Cloud Libraries checkbox.  Not sure why it wouldn't be enabled by default.

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