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Document tool library gone

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Document tool library gone

Good evening,


So I have a Fusion file that is now missing the tool document. I cannot get fusion to repopulate it. This is on a design that has been opened and closed a lot, with a lot of revisions, and a lot of tool data, tool switching, setups, toolpaths, ect. It's the only document where it is missing.


Leading up to it I copy and pasted a tool from another file into this one. Right clicking edit tool on the pasted tool said the tool library had crashed. Restarted fusion. The tool I pasted into this toolpath from another file was a 1/4 4fl. After the restart the tool and tool number was changed to T11 from the pasted tool number T22. T11 is used in the same setup, but is a thread mill. So that was strange.


Using the repair utility didn't result in any fixes. And re installing didn't result in any fixes. All my CAMposts, cloud library's, CAMmachines, and templates were deleted though. Luckily they seem to be backed up in 'assets'. I found it strange they didn't auto show up where you would expect them after the reinstall, because typically they do.


Tried also turning off any preview features. Around the same time I was messing around with the preview HIGH DPI settings, but I'm not sure if that's related.


Thanks for any help 🙂

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The best way for us to help with this is if you can share the document (export and attach here, or send as PM).



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in reply to: boggsjon141

PM sent, thank you!

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in reply to: boggsjon141

Same thing just happened to me.  A lot of work on a model and tooling.  Now it's tool library is not showing up?

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in reply to: Farzati.Scott

I messaged jeff.pek and he got my document squared away. You might want to pm him your issue along with your fusion file so he or someone else can take a look at it.

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