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Create drawing from Nested Manufacturing Model

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Create drawing from Nested Manufacturing Model


Is there a way to create a drawing from a manufacturing model that has been nested? I have made plywood structure and used the new Nest feature under the Fabrications tab and I wanted to be able to print the out what the nested components looked like on the sheet material with notes to give to the guys on the shop floor for production. Is this a thing or is there a workaround?



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@info8QM5T ,

No, at this time, Drawings can't be created directly from Manufacturing Models. But, there are a few workarounds:

  • Option1: Edit Mfg Model > Right click root node > Export / Save Copy As. Then insert this exported result into a new document > switch to Drawings workspace to create a dwg.
  • Option2: Generate a nest report, that can be printed or shared as pdf - Right-click 'Nest' node > Report.
  • Option3: Use the Arrange tool within Design workspace > Modify (must turn on "Enable Arrange and Simplify Tools" under Preferences > General > Design) to create your layout, and then switch to the Drawings workspace to create a dwg..

Ravi J

Ravi Javia
Product Manager

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in reply to: info8QM5T

So, I would like to revisit this as I see it as a MAJOR drawback to anyone using 360 for nesting.


I could never get option 1 to work, and I usually get errors when trying to export manufacturing models of complete assemblies across multiple sheets.


Option 2 costs $1600, which is a little ridiculous just to identify parts once they have been adjusted in a separate model.


Option 3 is also a non starter, I cant just create a design, then move everything around to MFG it and when I go back into the design I don't see the item I am creating.


I can certainly upload a file if it helps, but this is a serious gap that I dont see a solution for.

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in reply to: info8QM5T

I would like the same feature!


I have an arranged manufacturing file with parts and would like to create a drawing from it.

So that I can add, numbers/names and meassures to it.


So that there is one drawing with the flat arranged lay-out and one drawing with the assembled parts. 



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in reply to: javiar

Please add this to the list of "new features wanted".

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Absolutely.  The nest report is nice, but the lack of editability and the low resolution makes them pretty useless.  It's nice to have for the machine operator so they know the general layout of the sheet, but they are so low detail and low resolution, that the labelling is near illegible on a 4x8 sheet full of parts.

Being able to set up a smart drawing template to produce a dimension drawing of the nested sheets would be extremely helpful!

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