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Coolant washdown control needed

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Coolant washdown control needed

Hi, 1st time posting and only been using Fusion since 10th Nov 23.


I have a Heidenhain post (426) and I need to add the option of either commanding washdown (Niagra? washes the walls whilst machining) via a separate manual cycle using the "clean" command (currently fails to post, unsupported) or last resort would be to force output of M37 (Washdown on, M38 off) at the start of every program.


Anyone able to guide me in the right direction for this?

TIA - Rob

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Pretty easy to update the coolant options.. You cant rename them in Fusion GUI but you can make them output the right thing.  



I have my post so it uses "Mist Coolant" to  output a "M00 (Lube Tap)" so we can add tapping fluid for difficult materials.  



Its worth setting up the Microsoft X code with the HSM extension and NC code coloring so you can quickly tests and edits.

Section 4.1 in here has details  


Just keep backup versions and do plenty of testing before you send the code.  

Screenshot 2024-01-03 093154.png


It is certainly nice when you don't have to do any hand edits to a program.  


The other option is an NC pass through and save it as a template but that is a little clunky.  

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Much appreciated, I'll give it a go soon!

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