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BLUM Probing for Siemens 840D Post

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BLUM Probing for Siemens 840D Post

Hi all,


Forgive me if this has been asked before as it probably has, but I'm struggling to get my head around the probing cycles in Fusion. 

We have just had a BLUM TC50 installed into one of our Siemens 828D control machines and I would like to be able to probe simple WCS in Fusion. I understand that the post needs modifying for this but haven't got a clue how/where it should be done in the post. I did see a similar query where someone just edited the macros in their post to suit but can't find much probing in this post? 

I have very little knowledge of posts so would appreciate a good explanation or links to such which would help. Cheers.

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Hi @ian 


A quick look at your post, and it show that probing is supported.


You will have to eventually tweak a post property labelled "Single line probing".

It defines if a probing operation should be written on a single line or not.

(Controller or setting dependent)


On the Siemens controller, as in the Heidenhain also, using any brand of probe uses the same probing cycle commands.

Effectively the controller manufacture provided his own functions, and the probe macros, just plug under these functions.

Whereas in the Fanuc based controllers, the probe manufacturers created their own macros, with different subprogram names and passed parameters.




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