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4th-Axis Turnmilling with tool-axis parallel to C-Axis

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4th-Axis Turnmilling with tool-axis parallel to C-Axis




for experiments i need to turnmill a part with my tool axis parallel to the Z-Axis as shown in the second part of the Video. But unlike in the Video, i want the driven tool to be more or less static regarding Y and X (depending on the curve) and the C-Axis taking care of the rest. Basically what the 4th-Axis rotation in the first part of the video does, but with a different tool orierentation.


So i have four questions now:

  1. Is @Anonymous  finally planning to add this functionality to Fusion360 so you can actually see the C-Axis and Tool-Axis Movement?
  2. When will this happen?
  3. If so, can you please make the C-Axis and Tool-Axis turningspeed visible and controable resp. it's important for the surfacequality of turnmilled parts to control the RPM-ratio between Tool and Workpiece
  4. Can postprocessors automatically decide if the use the C-Axis like in my example the Doosan Turn/Mill PostProcessor?
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in reply to: MantaHai

1) This will be possible when Machine Simulation becomes possible for Mill/Turn machines

2) We can't give you a date, but it's very high on our priority list (Note; high on priority does not correlate to how soon something is made available)

3) Before I pass this feedback on to the appropriate developer, can you clarify what you're expecting to see/influence?

4) Yes, this is controllable in the post by inserting a Manual NC before the respective toolpath of "usePolarMode"

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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