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3+1 Axis Okuma Milling- Post Processor B Axis Problem

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3+1 Axis Okuma Milling- Post Processor B Axis Problem



I'm programming a square part that is identical at 0 and 180, and 90 and 270. To program this in fusion I used circular patterns for the identical sides, and two WCS at 0 and 90. When I run the simulation it looks correct, but when I check the post, there is only B positions at 0 and 180. 


Can I solve this within fusion or do I need to modify the post? Machine is Okuma MB-8000H and using Okuma post processor. All of the settings for the machine are default from the Fusion 360 library.



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Solved my own problem. 


Had to keep the work offset the same and change the tool orientation for the sides. Now I need to figure out why the post is outputting -90° instead of 270°..

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If the part is truly identical, you could also just program up one side completely and then put it into a Pattern > Rotation to automatically duplicate it across a centerline

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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