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WORKAROUNDS: In case any graphic issue about Fusion Electronics in build 2.0.15775+, please check this out

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WORKAROUNDS: In case any graphic issue about Fusion Electronics in build 2.0.15775+, please check this out

Dear all,


As you know that yesterday we released Fusion 360 version 2.0.15775.

In this release, for Electronics, we switched our graphics engine and are now using GPU rendering as our graphics back-end. This should make things look a lot more crisp and less pixelated, it’s as if we turned anti-aliasing on. The difference is noticeably better and improved performance.


Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 21.27.58.png


But this is related to various graphic card and different driver versions, and we do notice few feedback on forum from you about the unexpected graphic render issue in the latest version.

Thank you very much for all your feedback and so sorry for any inconvenience. 


Here please try the workaround following the AKN file below:

Board and schematic files display black screen in Fusion 360 (


Make sure that your current display driver is up to date

Turn off GPU Rendering in the preferences

  1. Go to the Preference dialog by selecting the profile icon in the top right corner of Fusion.
  2. Go to General > Electronics > Misc > deselect “Enable GPU rendering” > Apply.
  3. Then start Fusion to try again.

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 19.09.58.png


Our development team is taking this issue as priority, and in order to help us identify which type graphic card has the issue, could you please reply in this thread with below information?

- Your OS version

- Graphic Card type and version 

- Screenshots of the issue you see


Much appreciated for all your help in advance.

We will keep you be posted if we have any update about this.


Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Thank you for this quick workaround.

Uncheck of "Enable GPU Rendering" worked for me.


Surface Book 2, Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card, latest "Studio" driver (531.41), win 11 (22H2)

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Thanks that work for me a lot.

But because Fusion update without explicitely saying : this is a new version right now and you will probably encounter issues, I just started fusion and have a laggy software without reason.


Macbook pro retina 13 inch, early 2015

Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 Mo

Intel i7 3.1 GHz dual core


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Hi @tschneemann , @aurelien.conil ,


Thank you very much for your feedback! 

So sorry for any inconvenience.


That option change in Preferences dialog only take effective for newly open file or restarted Fusion. Sorry that it didn't remind to do that after changing it in preferences. 


We will keep improving.

Hope you have a great day!

Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Hi @aurelien.conil 


May we know if the GPU render option is enabled, what's the problem in your Macbook Pro?

Is it black canvas of schematic/board file or is it very slow to work in schematic/board file? Or is it other problem for your machine?

We are collecting the problems user met with this GPU render option enabled and will send back to our development team for investigation.

Thank you very much for your help.


Looking forward to your feedback.

Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Custom Fonts flat out do not work with GPU rendering enabled. I have text on the tplace/bplace, top/bottom layers that use a custom font. On the board they all render as the default font. In the inspector window they render with the correct font preview. Manufacturing preview shows the default fonts. The cam processor previews all show the default fonts. Strangely, the actual gerber files are correctly generated. (on the one board I tested this on). This makes it really hard to do any work with custom fonts since you cannot see what the board will actually look like until there are gerber files to throw into a viewer, and frankly I do not trust that the gerber files will keep generating correctly if the workspace can't manage it. 

windows 10
gigabyte 3070 with driver 526.98

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Hi @chris.eganY2EK3


Thank you very much for your feedback and asking. So sorry for any inconvenient. 


The GPU rendering enabled only impact the graphic rendering, but it doesn't impact the Gerber file. You could trust the Gerber file.

After saying that, the customer font issue about GPU rendering is under investigation by our development team. We will keep you be posted if we have any update about this. 

Thank you very much for your patient. 


Hope you have a great weekend.


Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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This is an issue with the manufacturing preview dialog.  This is not an issue with Gerber generation.  Totally confusing, I understand.  We will address this.  That viewer in the dialog is going to get updated.  I'll elevate the priority of this and we'll get to this as best we can.  For now, that is a decent way to see the layers included / excluded but not an adequate substitution for a proper Gerber viewer.  I will discuss with my team and see what we can do to improve this but there was quite a bit to just getting the in-canvas rendering to work with GPU-enabled rendering and this viewer is not the same as the PCB canvas renderer.  We will tackle this in our next cycle thru the graphics and rendering stuff and get this cleaned up properly.  Apologies for the confusion this causes, we agree this should be 100% consistent with the outputs you want to produce but it requires something of a wholesale rewrite given it was built on some legacy assumptions in the EAGLE code base about fonts.


Best regards,

matt - Autodesk

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So in the latest pore-production build this is working now.  Assuming things go well, we should be able to address this in an upcoming release.  I will have to confirm whether user-created fonts of varied sorts are all coming thru without issue but I will see we test this and understand and correct any limitations.




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Dear all,


Good news that today we released new Fusion version 2.0.15995 which has fixes about below issues you reported about GPU rendering, including:


  • Black Canvas in some Windows OS with integrated AMD graphic card
  • Canvas refresh issue in Windows OS with Intel Iris Xe
  • Customer Font not showing well
  • Slow performance in some Mac Intel OS which ONLY has integrated graphic card
  • Overlapping polygon and rotated device issue

Could you please update Fusion to new version and go to preferences dialog and check the checkbox to enable the GPU rendering and relaunch Fusion to take effective?



Please feel free to let us know if you have any problem about the new version.

Much appreciated for all your feedback and patient. 


Hope you have a great day.


Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics

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