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Schematic not showing component name and value

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Schematic not showing component name and value

After adding some components and saving my design, components are no longer displaying their "NAME" and "VALUE"  despite them previously being displayed and defined. 




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Hi @david_harperLXNTB ,


Sorry for any inconvenience.

If it's not due to the layer of names/values are hidden in Display Layer panel, could you please right click the component > Restore Position to restore the name/value to have a try?

Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 09.13.45.pngScreen Shot 2023-06-19 at 09.14.02.png

If this cannot resolve the issue, do you mind send a simple test file to us to have a try? Thank you.


Hope it helps.

Best regards,



Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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thanks for your suggested solution.  how do i do a bulk operation?  my schematic is on the larger side and this is will take a bit of time. 


how do i prevent this from happening in the future?

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Hi @david_harperLXNTB ,


Thank you very much for your reply.

To be honestly, I have no idea how this issue happened. Because during our internal testing, we didn't notice this by ourselves in the past several years. But we did received several reports from users like you. But in the past only few components in their designs have issue, not like your case that all value/names are not able to be seen.


May I know when the file created and what's the last time you opened it and worked well?


And unfortunately we don't have bulk operation for this.

I'd suggest you right click one component to invoke the Restore Position and then keep left clicking other component which will apply to the same changes. This way need you keep left clicking the impacted components one by one, and save a little bit time.


So sorry for any inconvenience.  


Best regards,


Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics

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