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Panning problem on detached window

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Panning problem on detached window

I'm on a Mac. I'm running version 2.0.16976.


I've detached my layout window from the main window so I can view the schematic and layout at the same time. The layout window is on a secondary monitor.


The first thing I noticed was when I detached the layout window by dragging its tab to my second monitor, the layout window opened on my primary monitor (the main Fusion window in on my primary monitor). Not a big deal, but it surprised me since this used to work correctly.


More importantly, there is a bug related to panning a the window when I've zoomed in a bit. I use a trackpad, so I pan by dragging two fingers on the trackpad's surface. When I do this in one of the windows, either schematic or layout, the other window will pan ... sometimes. Sometimes it works correctly. I pan in the layout window and the schematic moves. I can't figure out how to correct it. One time it self-corrected, but at the moment I'm stuck only panning the schematic despite moving the cursor in the layout window.


It doesn't respond to panning in non-Fusion windows. For example, I can pan a PDF in the Preview app while the Fusion window has focus and Fusion correctly ignores the panning.


In my current situation, where all panning goes to the schematic, it doesn't matter if the layout window has focus or not. Even if I give the layout window focus by clicking in it, the panning still goes to the schematic.




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