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Linking imported schematic and board

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Linking imported schematic and board

I'm pretty new to Fusion 360 Electronics/Eagle, and have only done a few simple schematics and boards. I now imported a schematic (.sch) and board (.brd) file made by someone else. Is there a way to link these two to get the F/B annotation? When I on the schematic click Switch to PCB button, I get this dialog:


But I can't figure out how to "open" the electronics design. I have it open, but what exact actions should I perform? Clicking the "More Info" link does nothing that I can notice.

I'm running Fusion 360 2.0.8624 on macOS 10.15.6.

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in reply to: Bjanders

I installed Eagle and there the linking worked without any issues and without having to do anything. Is this a bug in Fusion 360, not supported, or how do I do it in Fusion?


According to the Eagle installation dialog Catalina is not supported, but it seems to work fine. Has Autodesk forgot to update the dialog or will I run into issues?


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Hi @Bjanders ,


Thank you very much for asking.

In Fusion 360, we need to New Fusion Electronics Design firstly and then reference to existing schematic file and existing 2D PCB file, then they will be consistent. Below 2 two introductions for your reference. Please enjoy.

Step 1: New Fusion Electronics Design

截屏2020-09-15 上午11.34.03.png

Step 2: Reference to existing schematic file and 2D PCB file

截屏2020-09-15 上午11.38.27.png

Please feel free to let us know if you need our further assistant.




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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in reply to: Bjanders

Hi Helen,


Thanks for the explanation. I have tried to do this, but everytime I try, no matter in which order, Fusion360 loses the profile reference and empties the sketch of the outline, in my 3D PCB file. There seems to be no way to fix the lost profile reference.


How can I keep the board outline while linking the schematic?

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Hi @benrogmans ,


Could you please export the ECAD project file as f3z file and email to me?

I will private message you with my email address. Thanks.




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics

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