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Is there any documentation for creating custom components?

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Is there any documentation for creating custom components?

Hi, first of all, apologies, I'm new to Fusion Electronics, haven't touched PCB design for a very long time, and am currently on a confusing vertical learning curve...


I'm working on a design for a Raspberry Pi "Hat" (plug-in extension board), I've created a schematic, though it will need to be re-visited as my understanding grows; but the boards' connector has me stumped.


It's a 2x20 SMD socket on a standard 2.54mm pitch with through holes for the connecting pins. I've looked in the libraries and cannot find anything similar (though I may have missed it - the libraries seem incredibly difficult to search) I've created a 3D model of the socket, which I'm guessing I may be able to use on a 3D PCB but I have absolutely no idea how to proceed when creating the footprint, pins, silk, pads, holes etc for my connector.

Apologies again, any help/advice gratefully received.2021-02-01_200226.png 


Andy B.
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Hi @andyAWMXG ,


I hope you're doing well. There are a few options. One option is to use the package generator to get you close and then modify the result since the package generator can produce both the footprint and the 3D model for the components in it's Wizard. Since you've already made a 3D model that may not be the way to go.


You can try re-using existing models, I would recommend installing all of the old EAGLE PCB libraries since that will give you a lot more fodder to work with(Open the Library Manager and go to the Available tab). The con-Molex and con-leotronics libraries have some good candidates.


The final option is to create the footprint yourself which isn't that hard but it currently behaves very differently compared to the rest of Fusion. Your best resources here are the EAGLE videos and chapter 8 of the EAGLE manual since the overall operation is the same. We are working to make content to in Fusion 360 to highlight this process but it's not available just yet.

Check out this video when you have a chance.


Best Regards,

Jorge Garcia
​Product Support Specialist for Fusion 360 and EAGLE

Kudos are much appreciated if the information I have shared is helpful to you and/or others.

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Hi @jorge_garcia2, hitching onto @andyAWMXG's question as your answer is very close to answering my question in a separate thread, and my followup question is on topic for the original question as well:

I've fiddled a bit with the 3D Component generator, and modifying auto-generated 3D components is easy enough. Very nice!

However, I did not figure out how the generator produces the footprint. It does not seem to be generated from the "Pad" sketch nor from any other sketch or projection. How can I ensure the autogenerated footprint is consistent with the modified 3D Component model?


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in reply to: jorge_garcia2

Hi @jorge_garcia2 ,


Many thanks for the fast reply and the links. I'll go play but I'm afraid I'll be back if (when) I get stuck!


Thanks again,


Andy B.


Andy B.
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in reply to: andyAWMXG

Hi @andyAWMXG,


I'm pretty sure this componant is in the Wurth libriary. Unfortunately they only have Wurth part numbers which makes it impossible so search for something unless you know the part number. But luckely Wurth has a good online catalog for this:

Look up your connector here, copy the part number and past it in the Fusion Library search box

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in reply to: AutomaticRock

@AutomaticRock I found similar in the Wurth Library, unfortunately, they only go up to 34 pins...  Too tired to concentrate at the moment but will probably pull one apart to see how it ticks as well as watching the two recommended vids...


Andy B.

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