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Inspector not see selected objects from design manager in Electronics

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Inspector not see selected objects from design manager in Electronics

When I'm using the design manager with or without a filter to select components, the inspector not see every time every objects and I have to select/unselect by clicking on other devices randomly.

bug_inspector (1).gif

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Hi, it is very hard to be sure from this image, but it appears to be a graphics adapter problem to me.  Can you tell us something about the computer you are working on, and specifically the graphics adapter?  Are your graphics card drivers up to date?

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

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Thank you for your answer. It's happen on two differents computer. One with an i5-6600 + gtx 1050 and an other with a i7-10700 +UHD Graphics 630 (ASUS EXPERTCENTER D500SA_D500SAES)

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OK, the support told me that happens when components aren't on the same sheet. Maybe developers will change that, maybe not.



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An old bug, I reported this last year in April.
It might never get fixed.
But you can really hope so, it is SO stupid as it is now.

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in reply to: jesper8W75R

Yeah, like a lots of stuff in fusion360... I'm searching an other software right now as Fusion360 is so buggy, low and stupid. The only advantage is the 3D integration.

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