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How do I know where is my net distributed. Multiple Schemetic pages.

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How do I know where is my net distributed. Multiple Schemetic pages.

Lets imagine I work with 8 pages of schematics. How can I click in schematic editor and highlight particular net to see how is it distributed? I am not interested in highlighting within one page, but over all pages and marking all the pages which are involved.


Every serious CAD software offer such feature. Am I missing something or the software is poor?.

If this is not implemented, when will it be implemented? This is very basic feature, must be type of.




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Hi @christopher2KLSVU ,


How about trying to filter the specified wire in the Design Manager > Filter tab?

Hope it helps.





Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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That let say kind of. .emergency solution thank you Helen.


But Why I can not just click the net in schematic and highlight it over all pages? Is it to complicate for developers?, Old PADS Logic 2007 had it.  2007.. Are we in Jurasic Park era again?

This is not efficient way.


Same missing feture is autocentering schematic after selecting part on PCB, yest it was as well in PADS Layout more that decade ago.

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Hi @christopher2KLSVU ,


You could get the Net Allocation list in the Inspector panel if you select the net you want to view.

Hope it helps.



As for your suggestion about centering the part in the schematic file after selecting part in the PCB, I will feedback to our team. Thank you very much.




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Helen as emergency solution your boss can use this way. Tell him that please.
It takes:

1click to extend design manager

1click to go filter tab

1 long scroll down to find a 'wire'

1click to select wire

1 lick to add second object =name

1 typing for example AGND I f I know the net name If not

>>>>>1 additional click to extend inspector and get net name to retype it

1 enter

Now I have search result-list which contains dozens of parts of my AGND net

To see all

I must again click again CTRl+A to select all parts of AGND- but it does not highliting all AGND results in tche schmatic.


Voila, this is auto desk approach... and it still does not show me which pages of schematic contains my AGND net! It just list all small prats of my AGND net. The entire AGND net must be globally higlited plus higliting these pages which contains AGND.


Something what you have in PADS within double mouse click on the schematic!. Autodesk is not user friendly it is mouse clicking non effective software.



Same with Layer switching. Why you can not just add keyboard shortcuts to switch effectively between the layers. I have written about that here


Do not get me wrong, but I am using Occasionally Orcad from ca 2000, for 8 years I have used PADS Logic and Layout, For two years I have used Eagle. I know a little how other software works and actually auto-desk should pay me for my critical tips/advice ! Critical advice are worth more than gold for your non effective software. If you want to fight with other CAD software.

My biggest mistake In June was to buy this crap software to make some projects at home due to corona virus.




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Hi @christopher2KLSVU ,


Not sure whether you saw my follow up reply in this post?

You could just simply select the net in the schematic editor, and then the Net Allocations will show all the sheets which has the net in the Inspector panel directly. There is no need to open the Design Manager to filter it out firstly as I replied earlier. I am sorry for any confusion about this.


For the Layer switching, I will report your suggestion to our team. Sorry for any inconvenience.


We are trying our best to make Fusion 360 Electronics better and better. And thank you so much for all your feedbacks to us. 




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Helen, ok net allocation could be useful in this way.Thanks that's something I did not know about. And this is the key answer. My poor knowledge. Problem solved.


I select my AGND net, now Inspector shows me Page 1 and 2 are involved.

Now when I single click in inspector 2, it should highlight AGND on all pages or at least on Page 2 and take me to page 2 after double click on 2.

Or when I single click 2 i inspector it should at least highlight AGND on page 2, then I can jump to page 2 from bottom sheets menu.


This would be handful. Tahnk you for the interest in these two cases.


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Hi @christopher2KLSVU ,


Got your points. Thank you very much for your suggestion.

I will feedback this to our team.


Please feel free to sharing your feedback with us, much appreciated.




Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics

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