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Dont open 3D File on Startup

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Dont open 3D File on Startup


if I use Fusion for Electronics (before I used Eagle) the 3D File always opens with the project. Its a massive effort to load this even on a good computer and most of the time it is absolutley not needed. 

Is there a way to open only PCB and Schema File and dont open the 3D ? At the moment I load my project, it takes time and then I need to close the 3D manually.


Thanks for the help and best regards




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in reply to: danielboe63PST

Currently, I don't believe there is an option to disable opening the 3D PCB document because Fusion is attempting to keep all documents synced with each other. I agree opening the 3D file is generally unnecessary because you usually have to push changes from the 2D board file anyway.


If this is a large project that you know will have many edits to perform, you could always unlink and delete the 3D file until such a point in time that it would be needed for something like enclosure design.


Maybe @jorge_garcia2 can provide additional options.




Steve Ritter
Manufacturing Engineer

Fusion 360
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Hi, thanks for the answer. Unlinking "solved" the problem but still I think its not meant like this. I think a feature to not open 3D for PCB Designers should be default.

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