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Copying 3D PCB component to normal design file

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Copying 3D PCB component to normal design file



Previously (several weeks ago) when I uploaded a PCB from Eagle to Fusion 360 it appeared as a normal design file, which allowed me to left-hand-mouse-click and copy the complete PCB into another file which contained the enclosure and mechanical parts.


Now when I upload from Eagle it imports as a 3D PCB file and the left-hand-mouse-click-copy is no longer available.  How can I copy the complete PCB from a 3D PCB file into another normal design file to allow for mechanical design/integration.




Fusion 360 - normal design.JPG

Fusion 360 - 3D PCB.JPG


In the 3D PCB- there is no "copÿ" option in the drop down menu.


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Create a new design. 

Click show data panel on the top left.

Fnd your pcb file and right click and select "insert into current design. "


Alternatively you could also create a new design and use "insert--> insert derive" to bring the outline or anything to your current design.

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Hi @caleanthony ,


Before we integrated Fusion electronics environment into Fusion 360, if you push a pcb from EAGLE to Fusion, you will get a Fusion document with PCB and mechanical parts mixed together. Now we put 3D PCB into a separate document to make it more flexible and stable. For example, you can insert the 3D PCB into different enclosures.


@s.kishore1998 's proposal is the correct way to combine a 3D PCB and the mechanical design into one assembly.

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