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Copy groups without creating a named group? Possible?

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Copy groups without creating a named group? Possible?

In my current [SCH] design, I have a number of repeating input sections. In Eagle, I would just select the group-right click-copy group until I had it all together.

The only way I have figure out how to do this in F360 is creating an explicitly named group and copying that. I then have a border and group name along with a bunch of warnings about placement and net conflicts.

Any reason I cannot just copy a group and be done. All these extra [non-obvious] steps that don't appear to offer the slightest benefit. Am I missing some concept here? Maybe something simple I don't see.

Carlos Acosta
Factory400 - YouTube|Instagram
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Hello @engineeringNCMXB ,


Thank you for asking.

In Fusion 360, you should still able to multiple select bunch of components including nets and then copy group of it and paste. The hotkey Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V should work well in this case.


Or please try below steps to see whether it could help you:

1. Multiple select bunch of components as you need

2. Click Copy button in the toolbar


3. Right click empty place in the editor -> Select Copy:Group


4. Click Paste button in the toolbar


Hope it helps.



Helen Chen
Principle QA for Fusion 360 Electronics
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Great! That works. Thank you.

Ctrl-C / Ctrl-V was too obvious for me, lol. I have become so accustomed to something convoluted - that I failed to see the more typical convention.


Carlos Acosta
Factory400 - YouTube|Instagram

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