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moving 81 components uniformly on one axis with move or align tool

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moving 81 components uniformly on one axis with move or align tool




 I when I PASTE NEW and Moved (NONSUSEDNOTESbottom and USEDNOTESbottom) and (NONUSEDNOTEStop and USEDNOTEStop) To Egg top1 and Egg top2 )respectively the position of 2 of the 3 axis worked great. They are in the correct position ACCEPT instead of sitting on the Egg top1 or Egg top2 they are inside the 7mm thickness of Egg top1 and Egg top2. (see images).

How can I move NONUSEDNOTES and USEDNOTES to the outer surface on one plane without going in individually doing 162 pieces?

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Hi @patrick_william There are a couple of things you can do here. let me know if what I show in the video works for you. I used the move command, set the move type to components, turned off the egg, and then window selected all of the components to move them. 


You can also create selection sets so you can select one thing from the browser. That will require you to select a bunch of things one time so that later on you can just make one selection. 
Fusion 360 Help | Create selection sets | Autodesk



Kevin Ellingson
Technical Specialist

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in reply to: kellings

Thank you, Kevin. The video and section selection are very helpful.

  • Adding something else in the ask?

I am guessing on placing UNUSED NOTES and USEDNOTES on the surface of Egg 1 and Egg 2.. I think some of them are .005 away ( maybe, I don't know because I am eyeing it).


Here is the question is there a way to snap them to Egg1 or Egg2 in only one axis. I spent about 27 hours lining them up on a matrix of 26.764 squares ( the sketch on top of the Egg). I lined them up on the corners and the boundary of the egg.

Can I make a construct a tangent place on the outside surface of Egg 1 and snap to it from the surface of UNUSED NOTES?

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Hi @patrick_william 

  1. You place a point on one of the components that will be moved and a point where the component should be moved to.
  2. Create a Selection Set or a Rigid Group that contains all the components that you want to move together.
  3. Start the Move tool.
  4. Change the Move Object option to "Components".
  5. Select the Selection Set in the browser or the Rigid Group.
  6. Change the Move Type option to "Point to Point".
  7. In the Canvas, select the point on the component and then select the point that the component should be moved to.



Hope this helps.




Dan Banach
Sr. Technical Manager & Community Manager

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