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please make sketch palette optional

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please make sketch palette optional

after having been exposed to the sketch palette I really have to say I hate it.

I find it annoying and screen space eating.

In general it just repeats the same functions found in the UI at different areas.

But maybe some like it.


So here is my proposal.


1. stop making close sketch palette exit the sketch ( silly idea and wrong button function name)

2. make sketch palette hidden or shown (most of the constraint needs can be done via RMB already)


The idea of Fusion UI is minimalistic and compact housing of tools. The palette seems to contradict that.


Look how big that palette is on a 24" display. Now think about labtop users!

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.41.18 PM.png


all important stuff can be found in RMB menu.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 2.44.03 PM.png

Claas Kuhnen

Faculty Industrial Design – Wayne State Universit

Chair Interior Design – Wayne State University

Owner studioKuhnen – product : interface : design

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Yes, the sketch palette is quite annoying.  I find that context sensitive popup menus are much more space and time efficient.



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Thirding that

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Did you know you can minimize the palettes and they stick? Like the Browser, Activity, and Sketch palettes in the picture.  


You have to drag the palette to the edge of the window so that a green bar appears, then you get a minimize arrow on the palette window. The Sketch palette stays inactive unless you click on the title or un-minimize it.



Screenshot 2015-08-10 22.23.51.png

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