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Downloaded car model, struggling to figure out how to 3d print it

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Downloaded car model, struggling to figure out how to 3d print it

I am pretty new to 3D CAD, I can make my own stuff but i have been having trouble making this obj printable, there are dozens of separate parts in this model, my question is what do i need to do or learn, what applications for whatever workflow is needed to turn this 3D asset into a something that i can print?


The obj file is too large to send so i am adding the website and car that i got:

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Fusion 360 is the wrong application for this. Generally these models are shell models consisting of infinitely thin surfaces or meshes. Those surfaces and objects have to be thickened to be printable. Tight curvature often creates self intersections and those prevent that from happening.


It would perhaps have been prudent to ask for advice before purchasing such a model!

That is particularly the case as you can likely not share the model and we cannot inspect/analyze it and thus can provide pointed advice.


I personally would try Blender. But I have many years of experience with the software.


Either way, this is NOT a beginner project.


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in reply to: TrippyLighting

Thank you, it seems like I'll be investing time into Blender now, thanks again for the feedback.

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If there are any good tutorials out there feel free to share if this thread ever comes up again.

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