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vscode python intellisense

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vscode python intellisense

Intellisense seems to kind of work but of the hop I was trying to access, edit, add userParameters. My code I found to add a user parameter 


 design.userParameters.add("MyPar", adsk.core.ValueInput.createByReal(5*2.54),"in","")


worked after much research and scouring the forums but I could not get the userParameters to populate after typing <Ctrl+Space> 


My VSCode was installed using a one click installer for FIRST Robotics to program primarily Java. It is possible I could be missing key Extensions


I followed the post What-is-the-path-to-fusion-360-api-internal-module-adsk But nothing changed. Some Intellisense does work like with the above design.parentDocument and a few others do populate the list. 

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Hi @cpapplefamily .


I don't know why IntelliSense doesn't work, but I do know how to make it work.

If you use a cast or Type Hints, it should work.


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This is all I get

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in reply to: cpapplefamily
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in reply to: kandennti

These issues most definitely tied to the mix of auto updates vs manual ones and different developers of these tools that try to play nice together. 


Someone who knows what version currently are playing nicely and fully should compile a list.

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I'm using what I believe is the latest VS Code and the Python extension and things are working for me.  The only issue I've found is that at first I thought Intellisense wasn't working but I just had to be patient for it to first load up and then it worked great.




Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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in reply to: cpapplefamily

I second using "cast".

@cpapplefamilyDid you try using cast or the type declartion? It does not look like that in your screenshot. I have always had to use cast() for e.g. design.


Then again, if it should work without cast, then it's a bug.

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@thomasa88 I'm not 100% on how to cast() this. Do you have an exsample?


Here are a few screen shots of some Intellisense working: but you see the

UserParameters dose NOT populate.

Design.PNGNo user par.PNG

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