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Offsetting a Mesh, Heightmap Generator

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Offsetting a Mesh, Heightmap Generator

Dear Fusion Devs.
I find your program to be helpful and would love to use it as my go to modeling program. However, it lacks some features of which are crucial to this.

1. Heightmap Generator - The Ability to convert a Mesh STL -> HeightMap STL can only be done in Blender. There should be an automated workflow in Fusion360 to do this directly.

2. Offset a Mesh - Currently there is no way to Offset a Mesh in Fusion360. The resulting workflow requires a conversion to T-Spline and then a Massive reduction in face counts in order to be able to carry the processing loads. The objective being to create a Uniform offset of a Body/Mesh for the purpose of creating a scalable form fitting shell.

While I love your program, until I can solve these two issues, I have found your program lacking the core functions my business requires from it in order to work together with you. Would you please add said functions? Thank you Fusion360 Team. Good luck.


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