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Is there anyway to assign a script or add-in a hotkey?

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Is there anyway to assign a script or add-in a hotkey?

I'm developing a few scripts and add-ins for Fusion at the moment, and during development I have to launch them, test, then rebuild and then relaunch them. 


I can't seem to see anyway to assign a hotkey to avoid me having to go to press SHIFT+S each time to go to the add-in menu and find and then run my add-in. It would be great if I could just assign a short cut key directly.


Related, if my add-in is a run at startup add-in and it adds a button to an existing panel, is there anyway for me to assign a hotkey for that button? I can click on the 3 dots for native buttons but not for add-in buttons it seems. It would be good to be able to do that, perhaps when adding the button programatically?

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Hi @chris.monachanZWSCF .


I had never been there, so I gave it a try.

I was able to register the add-in as a shoot-cut key (hotkey).


"Run on Startup" was checked, and it worked even after restarting Fusion360.



I remember that I could not click the 3 dots button when I did not specify the resourceFolder in the addButtonDefinition method. 

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Ah that is fantastic! Thank you very much. I wasn't including a resource folder so it wasn't coming up. Thanks very much.

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