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Why do "Basic buildings" disappear after editting them in "3d sketch"?

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Why do "Basic buildings" disappear after editting them in "3d sketch"?


Why do "Basic buildings" disappear after editting them in "3d sketch"?

Tried to build an existing building for the contest, but often the building disappears when closing to save the changes.

Any logical explenation would be welcome, please include a solution on how to prevent this if possible.

Thought i spend a couple of hours building, so far only took a couple of days and still building strong ^^

Thanks in advance!


PS just noticed it happens mostly when trying to "convert objects to meshes" after editting a "basic building" in "3d sketch".


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Hi @AntonioCampanario,


Our apologies, that definitely shouldn't happen. 


We verified that converting objects to meshes during this workflow causes the issue you describe. We're investigating a fix and will report back when it's addressed.


May I ask why you're converting from objects to meshes in the first place? That's probably only useful if you've got a lot of geometry that you no longer wish to edit. Meshes are lighter and more efficient, but not editable by design.


3D Sketch uses meshes by default when editing a very dense import, but that's only for cases when there are more than about 50,000 triangles and it could negatively impact the performance of the app. In that scenario, you can use the reverse (mesh to object) to make individual pieces editable as necessary.


Otherwise, there's probably no need to go the opposite direction and make meshes yourself out of previously-editable objects. Avoiding that step is a good workaround for now and I'd recommend skipping it generally unless you're doing it for some specific reason - let us know!


Josh Goldstein
Product Lead
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Hi again @AntonioCampanario,


This is fixed now! Your building won't disappear even if you convert it to a mesh in 3D Sketch. 


Do let us know why you chose to make a mesh, if you don't mind. 


Josh Goldstein
Product Lead
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Hi @josh.goldstein ,


The basic reason i tried to convert the 3dsketch objects to meshes was because the option was there. As part of learning and understanding the program i try to use every function.

Glad to know the issue could be solved and wil try it again asap.

And of course thanks for the usefull tips about them meshes and the quick repair!

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