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Request for extension of access to Autodesk FormIt Web?

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Request for extension of access to Autodesk FormIt Web?

I'm Paul, an Architectural Technician and Autodesk product user.


I am posting this as I note in article "An Update on the Future of FormIt" posted 10th April, it states "FormIt Web will be taken offline and will no longer be available after July 31, 2024."  This news certainly effects my plans to launch a new business, which in short give Clients greater hands-on participation in the design stage. This business integrated the use of Autodesk Revit and Autodesk FormIt Web. The FormIt part would be operated by Clients, after concise introduction course provided by myself. 


With the news of FormIt's immanent termination, I will need to look at alternatives that provide the features and compatibility FormIt gave. 


FormIt features I valued that improved my proposed business delivery 

  • An Autodesk product - I would create industry-level CAD model of their existing house in Revit which would be copied and transferred into FormIt for the Client to play/ create designs 
  • Layers - could be turned off and on. This removed clutter for Clients which greatly aided my pitch of "user friendly, easy to use software" 
  • Clean interface with enough tools for Clients to create with (but not too many that could overwhelm) 
  • The unlimited access through the Web version 

In the initial stages of developing my proposed business, I tried Sketchup, but for several reasons opted to proceed with FormIt. I have, post-article release, explored Autodesk Forma as a potential alternative but the lack of a Component library means it isn't worth considering. 


In the last couple of months I have run trials, testing the delivery of my business. This has received positive feedback and I intended to launch in 4 to 6 weeks. 


Can you please address my questions below: 

  1. As Formit has been shifted to maintenance mode and will be kept in some capacity until 2027, is there a possibility that the Web version could still be made accessible for the next 2 and a half years? If yes - this would greatly aid the prospects of my business 
  2. If the above isn't possible, do you have any suggestions that spring to mind? 

Thanks for your time, 


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in reply to: paulharvey25

Hi Paul, thanks for reaching out and asking about alternatives and options.
Unfortunately we are not able to extend the timeline for FormIt Web. FormIt Pro will continue to have availbility for some time, but it sounds like in your particular use case it's not appropriate.


If I understand your constraints - For "unlimited access" client-facing software, that's non-install (web-based) and simple enough for non-designers or otherwise 3d-enabled users - you might consider Autodesk Tinkercad. While it's often used in association with manufacturing workflows (and coupled with Fusion), the kind of simplified user interface for model editing might be right for a non-designer/client modifications. Data can be moved from your primary design application (Revit) into Tinkercad via the STL format, and your clients will have some ability to make changes there.


If your clients are in the position to have Autodesk AEC Industry collections licenses or Forma licenses, we would recommend using Forma for these kinds of interactions in the future.



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in reply to: paulharvey25

Hi @kronz 


I appreciate you responding to my post.


First, addressing the suggested alternatives:

On Autodesk TinkercadI found it is unable to mimic the workflow I was producing in FormIt. On top of that, it has size restrictions (1m³) and childish interface (appears to be geared for schools) which make it wholly unsuitable as an app I can utilize for my business.

On Autodesk Forma - I am unable to utilize Forma due to lack of Component Library. Is it the intention of Autodesk in future to add this feature?


Secondly, as an Autodesk user, thoughts I wish to make known are:

a) Recently, I learnt what features and capabilities FormIt offered and saw an opportunity to create a business. Over the last couple of months I have refined the delivery workflow to a point where it's running pretty slick (worthy of launching). To me, the app has value.

b) Autodesk FormIt offered tools and interactivity not available presently through other Autodesk applications. The termination of FormIt will reduce the ways customers can design with Autodesk.


FormIt is worth preserving!



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in reply to: kronz

Sorry - just noticed I replied to my original message, not your response @kronz 


Curious to hear Autodesk feedback on questions I list above 🙂




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in reply to: paulharvey25

Hi Paul, 

The larger solve I was looking for in your use case was the "unlimited access through the Web version" requirement. It seems like this drives everything else (?) and is a pretty tricky one. Second is the ability of non-3d enabled users to interact with it, which is something Tinkercad excels at. We've found that simplified design interfaces, even like Sketchup and FormIt, can present major hurdles to non-designers, although you may have a different experience. I wasn't aware of the size restriction in Tinkercad, sorry for the oversight (and agree that this certainly does make it not workable if that can't be adjusted). If you loosen the free or no install constraint, there may be different options, such as Revit Viewer and Forma.

I'm not sure I quite understand what the role of a component library in FormIt Web is for your case? Forma does have a library, which can contain imported files, geometry, and data orders. Components can be shared either at the Project or the Hub level, depending on what you need.



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in reply to: kronz

Thanks @kronz !


Appreciate the response and suggestions 🙂

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