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How to turn generic lines into Building?

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How to turn generic lines into Building?

Hi Forma Team, 


I got this building data from the Library, but it shows as generic lines instead of building. And as I tried to export it to Rhino, they are not there anymore. Is there any way to turn generic lines into building and I wonder if that's the reason for the exporting problem? 

Thank you in advance! 🙂 



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Can you share with us the link to the proposal?  You can send it to us privately using the Help button bottom right of the Forma window, Contact us link.


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Done 🙂
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in reply to: greg_marr

Hi I have a similar issue, once I updated my building proposal from revit and back in forma the building is now in the layer generic but I cant turn it back into the layer building with the floor plans, etc, how can I change it? the process is (forma->Revit -> Forma (here is the issue)), thanks

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At this time, we do not support floor plans on buildings that have been modified in Revit.


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