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Forma Rhino Plugin not fully functional

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Forma Rhino Plugin not fully functional

Hello, I've followed along with the "Rhino interoperability add-in" video on the following page: 

but the link toolbar in Rhino does not allow me to pull anything from Forma besides the site polyline.  Why might this be the case?

Screenshot 2023-08-24 152245.png


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in reply to: ctomon

Hi, it looks like you're using version 0.6.0 0.5.9 of the Forma Rhino add-in. The options to preview terrain and buildings were added in 0.6.1 0.6.0. You can download the update from the Centercode beta site.

Also, depending on where your project is located, the data providers' license may have restrictions on exporting their data outside of Forma.

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Version 0.6.1 is not available for download from what I can see.  Trying to find anything to do with the Rhino Plug-in through the Autodesk website is like searching for a needle in a haystack...  I went back to the website I referenced previously where it had a link for "Download the latest Forma Add-In for Rhino".  This brought me to the page: 


Here it only shows 2 downloads.  Forma Add-in for  and  Forma Add-in for Rhino_v0.6.0.exe

Please provide a link to the latest Forma Add-in update.


Also, it would be good if your team at Autodesk emailed everyone on this beta if/when updates come out... maybe also don't have things so buried that it takes 15 minutes to try and find any of this information via Autodesk's internal search (this Community blog seems to be the main thing that pops up).  Even searching Google for:  Forma Plug-in for Rhino, Forma Add-in for Rhino, Autodesk Forma Rhino Plug-in, etc.... does not show any results besides this community page from what I've experienced.  Maybe push some better SEO's for the public beta page so it's easier to find.



Screenshot 2023-08-29 105721.png

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in reply to: ctomon

My apologies, I misspoke. 0.6.0 is the latest version and contains the preview terrain/buildings features. Just corrected my above post.


The Rhino add-in is only available via the feedback site in a "semi-private beta" right now. When it graduates to a wider beta release it will be much easier to find.


Also, you can find all Forma extensions, both desktop downloads and web integrations, in the Extensions tab inside Forma. Click Add Extension to see the full catalog.




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in reply to: ctomon


to come back to the initial question, why the geometry is not imported in Rhino: i use the 0.6.0 Plugin and can also only import the sitelimit and terrain in Rhino 7 but not the geometry. I tested different projects and sitelimits but the geometry is not imported. In the forma video mentioned above it is shown that it should work. This should be clarified.



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in reply to: ctomon

We have released a new version of the plugin that should resolve the building issues.  Release Announcement. 

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in reply to: ctomon

Hi, I think the 0.6.2 release just posted might address the issue you are showing, as it has a general fix for problems receiving surrounding building context data. You can try the new version from the beta site:

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