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Find learning resources to make the most of Autodesk Forma

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Find learning resources to make the most of Autodesk Forma

Hello everyone! 

My name is Catharina and I work as a Customer Success Manager at Autodesk Forma. An important part of my job is to contribute to learning and adoption of the product among our dear users 🙂 

I wanted to take this opportunity to share some learning resources with you! 

We run a series of webinars and ask the expert sessions to help you learn the essentials for Forma. You can visit your Webinars page on the Help Center to watch recordings on-demand, or sign up for upcoming webinars. Accessing the Help Center does require login, however, it can be using a trial license.


Have you visited our Help Center?

If you have a license and want to practice your skills we recommend that you visit our Help Center. This is our resource hub and includes FAQs, product documentation as well as use case guides that take you through some common workflows step-by-step. If you're a visual learner I'd recommend the video tutorials here.


In-product checklists 

Access our learning checklists via the Forma homepage. These checklists are essentially step-by-step guides to achieve various outcomes in Forma: how to carry out simple massing studies, how to detail an imported model and how to analyse with living qualities in mind. These can be carried out on a project of your choice or using one of our demo projects. 



Autodesk Forma does have a YouTube channel where you can find tutorials (more in the making) and case studies.

We hope you enjoy these resources!



Note: this post was revised after the rebranding from Spacemaker to Autodesk Forma

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in reply to: catharina.lundby

Hi @catharina.lundby 

Thanks for making the content available, I'll start here.

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Rui Raoli
Eng. Civil Esp. em Design de Interiores e Iluminação | Gerente BIM


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The Community Knowledge Center is now live. Link
Share and learn how-to tips, workflows, product updates, and general knowledge articles about sustainability. 
@ruyraoli, dá uma vista de olhos. Vais gostar!

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Hi Chris,


Thank you for pointing this out - some of the links were indeed left over from when the learning resources were specific to Spacemaker. I have updated the post with some new information and links to Forma content now.


Thanks again! 

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in reply to: catharina.lundby

Hi @catharina.lundby,

maybe it would make sense to create a Link on to the Forma help documentation ?



Thomas Vogt

VDC Technology & Process Manager


Revit®, Dynamo, BIM  |  Training und Consulting in Stuttgart

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