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Define Parking Structure Direction

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Define Parking Structure Direction

I'm trying to rough out a parking structure but the bays keep getting drawn perpendicular. Is there a way to rotate/define the direction of parking aisles?



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Hi and thanks for the question!

Unfortunately it is only possible to do changes to the parking layout by adjusting the overall parameters. In this case, we do not have the option of defining the direction of these middle parking spots.

We would like to have more manual controls for defining the parking layout in the future but currently we do not have that functionality.


Have a nice day!

Arne Bjelland

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Arne, that is a bummer, as this is the key thing ... most of the times the way the parking garages are arrange are very inefficient and they do not leave space for a ramp that can be seen on the diagrammatic testing on Forma. I really think that instead of being able to have the middle lanes to 60 degrees as you have them on the diagram parameters, you should be able to make those 90 degrees, and problem would be solved. I am really happy with the plug in called "testFit Parking" as there you can really adjust even the entry to the parking, ADA spaces, 10 DIFFERENT primary AXIS FOR orientations, ETC ...... you should take some of these and incorporate on Forma Parking capabilities.

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Hi and thank you for your followup comments!

Absolutely agree that there are big room for improvements with the existing parking capabilities in Forma but it gives you a rough estimate on the number of spots maybe more than the specific parking layout in some cases.


Agree that the "Testfit Parking" has a lot of great functionality. We want to enable Testfit to add parking inside of buildings as well so then you can utilize all their great parametric controlled parking capabilities for interiors as well.


I have unfortunately not a specific date when this will be possible.


Have a nice day!


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in reply to: spadillaGKYEA

I would second this issue. I am laying out a master plan project that includes a parking structure. Having the ability to define the ramp and aisle locations would save a lot of hassle and confusion when talking with clients.
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I will third this issue with all the things that have been already said - ramp definition (with option to lay out parking on it or not), align/rotate drive aisles - and add to it the ability to define zones where parking should not be placed and not have Forma lay out parking around the zone - i.e. at garage entrances or a pedestrian access to the core, etc.



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