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Cannot maintain link if Revit has objects in secondary design option

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Cannot maintain link if Revit has objects in secondary design option



I've just noticed that you cannot use design options in Revit and update Forma at the same time. We have a few model management elements in a secondary design option on all our projects and this bug essentially makes us unable to use Forma.


As a workaround I've moved all elements out of the design options and placed on a hidden workset instead. This works great until the team wants to test out design options. Once we need design options, we need to delete the "Spacemaker_Saved_Data" and lose the ability to upload our model back to Forma.


Is there any fix for this?

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in reply to: Alan_Chan_

This is indeed a known limitation of the Revit integration.


Known Limitations

  • If there are Design Option in the Revit File you're loading into you may need to "accept primary" in order for Update functionality to work.


You may be able to use the same method as is used for including Forma data in a georeferenced model.


Using Existing Georeferenced Revit Data

If there is an existing Revit project that you don't want to overwrite with location data, but want to analyze the model in Forma, we recommend the following workflow. Create a new Revit project, Load the Forma Proposal into it, then Link and Bind the Revit file into it. You can now use the Update Proposal functionality to send specific Revit data to Forma, make changes to the Revit data, and iterate.


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in reply to: greg_marr

Thanks, using a linked model will also be a good option for our existing projects!


Is there any roadmap to allow forma to link into a project that uses Design Options?

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in reply to: Alan_Chan_

We are still investigating the possibilities.

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