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Autodesk Forma community event Netherlands - Row houses & single familily houses

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Autodesk Forma community event Netherlands - Row houses & single familily houses

On April 5 we hosted our 2nd Dutch user event. With 5 round table topics we gathered feedback for our product team. We use this forum post to highlight topics from the round table "Row houses & Single Family houses". 


Thank you for all the participants that participated. Please use this forum to add or ask questions. 

- It would be valuable to have some sort of costs/ investment option in Autodesk Forma. Costs weigh high when it comes to early stage design

- For generating row / single houses, why is it not possible to use the "explore" functionality anymore. Will this be added in Autodesk Forma?

- In NL the kadaster provides information about pipes and other underground info. Would be great if we could import/ show that data in a project 

- The roads in Spacemaker are not detailled enough. Can we add things as central reservations, bicycle-lanes and footpaths? 

- Smart parking for car parking that takes the turning radius into account 

- Marketplace as a library for housing blocks (internal & external) 

- Parametric & generative design capabilities 

Note: this post was revised after the rebranding from Spacemaker Next-gen to Autodesk Forma

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