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Are you a Dynamo and a Forma user?

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Are you a Dynamo and a Forma user?



We are working on a use case where we bring Dynamo capabilities into Forma. Are you a Dynamo and a Forma user with some minutes to spare? We would love to talk to you to understand your needs and how we can make you life in early stage building design easier! 


Let me know on this thread or in a personal message if you are available for a chat. 


Best regards,

Magnhild - Product Manager for Forma's 3rd party Ecosystem 

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Hi ! Yes I'd be interested. One thing I've been wondering about is the ability to bring and manipulate Forma site data into Dynamo . 

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Hi! Great to hear from you! Yes, this is indeed something we want to enable. To understand possible use cases better, can you elaborate on what you want to use this for? Would also love to have a chat about this over video if you are available. I will send you a PM.




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Would be nice to have access to the topo points, as well as roads (at least their center lines) , buildings (as solid and outline) and ideally their data too. Having access to this directly in Dynamo could be a good way to build some easilly reusable custom automations to generate sites inside revit with more control than what is available out of the box.


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I'm looking for how we could get an optimal building solid using Generative Design (in Dynamo Sandbox) and then create the geometry in the Forma project using either the Basic Building and the 3D Sketch functionalities.

Dieter Vermeulen, M.Sc. Str. Eng.
Technical Sales Specialist - AEC
Structural Solutions - Northern Europe

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