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Allow flat terrain and graded terrain to exist as separate elements

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Allow flat terrain and graded terrain to exist as separate elements

I wish I could show both the graded terrain DTM as well as the flat version as separate elements so that I can export both to Revit. The flat would be used for 2D site overlay work. 


You will notice the image overlay on the graded terrain in Revit does not look so great as it is blurred by the topo triangles. This should be up to the standard of Infraworks, 3DS Max, etc. The 2D terrain comes in alright. 


Alternatively you could have this as on option on Import. See attached image. 

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To achieve your goal of exporting both the graded terrain DTM and its flat version as separate elements for use in Revit, you can utilize different export options. Export the graded terrain DTM for its 3D representation in Revit, while exporting the flat version specifically for 2D site overlay work. This approach allows for clearer overlays in Revit without the blurring caused by the topo triangles. Aim for a standard of clarity comparable to that of Infraworks or 3DS Max, ensuring that both elements integrate seamlessly into your Revit workflow...

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Hey Steve,


This sounds like an interesting use case.  Would you be willing to get on a call and talk further about this?


Samarvir singh

Product Manager, Autodesk Forma



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Hi Samarvir, 


I would be happy to!


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Thanks Steve. I will message you. 

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Thanks for the reply William ! 

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