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Feature request - Ability to analyze daylighting on floor plates

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Feature request - Ability to analyze daylighting on floor plates

Our main interest in daylighting studies is not related to the facade, but rather daylight penetration on floor plates. If daylighting studies could include a section box to cut the analysis model, it would be really helpful for showing daylighting penetration on floor plates and communicating that to our clients. Thanks! 

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in reply to: JedSanford

Hei Jed.

I'm too immensely interested in interior daylight studies. We tried to add this 4 years ago, and we did this as an extension together with Ladybug/Pollination during AECTech in November.


The crucial problem has always been that we do not have windows or interior rooms in our data model. 4 years back we tried to generate windows based on a few simple rules. However this did never manage to give users actual additional insight, because we where adding an assumption into the mix that almost always did not match the actual truth in practice. And again we did not have interior room layouts. We did some data analysis on various approached and concluded with the Vertical Sky Component provided the best insight based on the real data (volumes on the side). Other methods would provide seemingly more detailed results without additional insights, but the actual insights was more hidden among fake results due to more details.
The only other model we did not pursue that could add a little additional actual information was Direct Sky view, but it seemed like a less standard method. 
The hack with Pollination was also based on generating windows with their Dragonfly data model with adding interior rooms. 

Now what has changed in 4 years, well we have introduced the extensions concept and we have the floor plan sketcher. With extensions we are free to introduce functionality that only works under a few key assumptions. We have never accepted this for our core functionalities as we think overconfidently communicating erroneous analysis is really bad. With the floor plan sketcher we're currently at the unit granularity, not the room granularity.


Btw, there is also a product hack where you create solids with window opening, effectively modeling windows as openings in the model. That gives you the Sky Component on the floor plate, this is something to consider. 


What are your specific use cases here? Would you be happy with a few templates for window profiles? What are these? Would you require drawing windows manually? 

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in reply to: havard.hoiby

So using actual holes in the wall is fine, we are typically designing either in Revit or Rhino and using forma for site and for analysis. the issue is, we dont have good graphical presentations to display the floor plates. As far as I know there is no section box tool I can apply to analysis views. This would be a great start- the ability to display a floor plate in analysis views- we can manage the facade holes to allow the analysis to run correctly with no real issue. 

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in reply to: JedSanford

Hi Jed.


Sorry I never caught your follow up here.


No we do not have any current tools to do this, I think you could hack the model with very complex basic building and using units to model walls and floors and then using function tagging to filter down. 


However we are currently investigating a output-format that will make these filterings more feasible. 

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