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Migrating to Fusion Electronics - scripting?

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Migrating to Fusion Electronics - scripting?



As most of the customers got the notification about Autodesk leaving EAGLE and users should migrate to Fusion Electronics, I have started thinking when should try and play with Fusion Electronics.


However I have some concerns about how to start. Not in the design implemtation, instead integrating into my workflow. I have developed a pretty cool python script which can generate me plenty release file for my project. In one of my complex project, with 6 variants, it generates me 88 useful files in approx 1 minutes. It includes schematics, boms, assembly files, production files in pdf, gerbers ...etc. So it is very practical for me and for my clients as well. It is efficient and error proof to generate same quality data each time I do a release.


So I was wondering how can I implement these in Fusion Electronics?


I am using commands like these:



EDIT .sch 

# switch to variant BASE

# save file 

print file 'path + filename' paper A4 sheets ALL landscape BLACK -MIRROR;
#generate bom
RUN ...bom_simple.ulp "path + filename"
#run erc
erc; RUN ..erc_drc_check.ulp "path + filename"
# switch to board file
EDIT .brd; SET CONFIRM NO; WRITE "brd file path"
# print layers
EDIT .brd; DISPLAY NONE; DISPLAY 20 21 25 31 51; print file "path + filename" paper A4 sheets ALL landscape -BLACK -MIRROR;
# print layers
EDIT .brd; DISPLAY NONE; DISPLAY 20 22 26 32 52; print file "path + filename" paper A4 sheets ALL landscape -BLACK MIRROR;
# run drc
EDIT .brd; ratsnest; drc;

EDIT .brd; RUN ...erc_drc_check.ulp "path + file name"
... print additional different layers to different PDF files (e.g only top, only bottom, all layers, top/bot stencil, top/bot solder mask ...etc)

# save BRD file 

EDIT .sch 


# save SCH file 

# quit application 

# generate gerbers:
camCmd = EAGLE_PATH + ' -X -dCAMJOB -j' + PWD_PATH + '\\ -o' + PWD_PATH + "\\ " + PROJECT_PATH + PROJECT_NAME + '.brd' 


Some of them are executed while EAGLE is in foreground, some of them are executed from command line.


Is there any similar feature in Fusion360? I really would like to have control on these from python. I do not want to click anything in Fusion360. 


Is there any document where I can see how these are implemented in Fusion360?


Is there a way to export the step file of a model as well from scripting?


And I think it would be a wise decision for Autodesk to develop a tool that uses scripting functionality of EAGLE (Fusion Electronics). Basically this would be the best option to jump into the AI world and implement a promted schematic and design generation. E



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