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How to make blocks with text that automatically updates based on block rotation?

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How to make blocks with text that automatically updates based on block rotation?

Hoping for some clarity here because I've seen it done in a block before, but I don't have access to the block to review it. I can't find an appropriate forum question either as using "attribute" and "rotation" in a search yeilds the same results which isn't what I'm after. 


I'm trying to create a block that can be rotated. However, I'd like to have text on that block that states the block's current rotation. For example imagine I have a block which is a line with attribute text at the top of it. If in the block properties, I rotate that block to be 121°, I'd like the text to update to state 121° automatically.


Currently, I am using attributes and manually entering the block's rotation into the attribute, however when I have multiple of these blocks I'd like to know if there's a way to automate this. If anyone can point me in the direction of the correct resources I can use for this it would be greatly appreciated, or a block & method I can study. Thanks, 

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While in the block editor (BEDIT), ATTDEF and then .... (in French, sorry 😉, but sure you gonna find your own way)

There is a menu specialy made for blocks in the editor.


Very easy



If you ADD the attribute in the editor afterwhile, you may need to syncrhonize for the previous insertions but not for the future ones.

It gonna work as soon as you regen or else, depending on FIELDEVAL


NB : this topic was moved here because the block editor but it is not exactly a topic about dynamic blocks....

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Hello @josh_db 


Yes, this can be achieved by adding the "angle" field of the rotation parameter in the attribute. Also add a move parameter to the attribute, hide the grips of the move parameter and chain it with the rotation parameter. Please find the attached example block.

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Thank you both for your help this is much appreciated!

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