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Accepted Solutions – What They Are, How to Find Them, and How to Accept a Solution

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Accepted Solutions – What They Are, How to Find Them, and How to Accept a Solution

What is an Accepted Solution? 

Accepted Solutions is a way for you to choose the reply that best answers a question that you've posted. When a reply is accepted as a solution, both the question and the solution get special icons and links that take you directly from the question to the answer. You can see Accepted Solutions by scrolling through the board and identifying the special icons, or by filtering by “Accepted Solutions” at the top of the board.  



An Accepted Solutions icon also appears on boards and in search results so that users can see which messages have solutions. 

You can mark a solution as accepted only for questions that you've posted (you started the thread). Community moderators and Autodesk Expert Elites can also mark one of the replies to a message as an accepted solution, and only do so if there is confirmation from the original poster that a given reply has resolved their issue. 


How do I mark a reply as a solution? 

To mark a reply as a solution (must be the original poster of a topic), click the ACCEPT SOLUTION button on the bottom of the reply. 



If you change your mind and the solution did not work, you can unmark the post as an accepted solution. To cancel an accepted solution, click the ellipsis menu  > Not the Solution. 



You can then choose another solution or leave the question unsolved. Remember, marking your posts as having an accepted solution really helps out other forum users that have the same issue – so don’t be shy about marking it as a solution! 

Chris Benner
Industry Community Manager – Design & Manufacturing

If a response answers your question, please use  ACCEPT SOLUTION  to assist other users later.

Also be generous with Likes!  Thank you and enjoy!

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