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Thickness information on Corridor Solid

Thickness information on Corridor Solid

If the corridor solids also came with the thickness information, such as the assembly name, the beginning and the end of the season ... only this information, we can get the area information at the same time ... for quantification and more " BIM" information ..... this info is really needed !!



Maybe it is not included because in your mind your shape is a layer (i.e PAV1) and a shape can be any irregular polygon.

I think that you should create a new Property Set (by formula) to get the input parameter (thickness) if it is possible (I don´t know right now) and add it to the solid.


I think that the issue are the input parameters.

I think that if we were able to associate input parameters with a shape in SAC, this way, if we get a 3D solid from a shape, it should include also all inputs parameters used to define that shape.



But it is not all correct, because an input target can be overriden with a target. For example, imagine an input parameter called "width" and we use an offset target.

Perhaps, for BIM, it should show the values of Delta X and Delta Y for each Link used to define the shape.


And in the case of a layer, what happens if you have 2 input parameters to do a thickness transition?. The thickness will be variable for each station in the corridor.


Maybe, the issue is that a 3D solid is a global piece, doesn´t reflect the calculated value in a particular station. I don´t think that IFC viewers can do queries for a particular station.


@joantopo the idea is about the ability to put more Sub Assembly information on the property set if it is more comfortable to you.
Cannot is to continue with the few allowed information.

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