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Standalone DREF Manager (Not Data Shortcuts Editor)

Standalone DREF Manager (Not Data Shortcuts Editor)

There is the Reference Manager which allows you to open a list of drawings to review XREFs, modify paths, and repair broken links.


There is the Data Shortcuts Editor which allows you to work with data shortcut source files to repath shortcuts and rename the source objects (but doesn't allow you to work with drawings that actually reference the data shortcuts).


The Manage Data Shorcuts tool in the ribbon allows you to repair/replace/remove shortcut references (DREFs) in the active open drawing. I would like to see a version of this tool (ideally an external tool, or at least an expanded version of the existing tool), similar to the XREF References Manager (call it the "DREF Manager"), which allows you to select any number of drawings and cycle through the drawings to review DREFs in each drawing. Then you can repair/remove references as needed without having to open each individual drawing.


I am currently working through a project with over 200 sheets where I need to review data shortcuts in each drawing and repair broken links as needed. In some cases no repairs are needed but there is no way of knowing without opening each drawing. This is especially cumbersome as I am working remotely and it takes forever to open each drawing.


I couldn't find anything in the forums or elsewhere alluding to such a tool or add-on that allows for working with data shortcuts without opening the drawing itself. Not sure how feasible this is but would great to have.

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