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Sheet Set Manager - Custom Properties for SubSets

Sheet Set Manager - Custom Properties for SubSets

Currently, Custom Properties can only be applied to the Sheet Set. Adding the ability to create Custom Properties per Subset would greatly add to the SSM functionality, making it less of a frustrating/limited tool, and more applicable.


Issue/Example: Agency Standards require Plan Sheet numbering to be Alphanumeric. Typical Sections are numbered B# to B## Plan and Porfile sheets are F# to F##, Traffic Sheets are H# to H##, etc. Since we cannot add a Custom Property to Subsets, we are unable to set the Total sheet count for THAT SPECIFIC Plan Set. Either we have a Sheet Set for each discipline, or we edit the attributes manually (or with GATTE). 


We also utilize fields and the SSM for PE stamp information but are unable to specifiy that information per discipline without Subset Custom Properties.


Another Suggestion would be allowing the user to assign a block definition to a Custom display/visibility setting. We may have 2+ PE Stamps in the border, a Prelim Block or % Status Submittal. Basically, allow the user to turn that block on or off for printing.


The SSM could be one of the most useful tools with a little attention. Right now, its just useful enough to be forced to rely on it.


We also have designators per discipline (G-001, C-101, E,101, S-101 etc).  We use a Custom Sheet Property (specific to each sheet) called SheetID.


We assign the SheetID as appropriate and the title block has a space for it.  The PE information is also in Custom Sheet Properties.  It's assigned individually on a per sheet basis.


As to the preliminary block, there is a Custom Sheet Set Property called "Prelim" -- when the project is first created, it is set to say "PRELIMINARY -- NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION".  There is a field in the title block right where the engineer would normally place his stamp and seal.  This field contains the value of this property.  When it's time for final plotting, we edit the value of this property to "Alt+0160" which is a non-breaking space -- we do that because you can't place just a space in the property as it'll be removed but if you leave the property blank, acad will put a dash.  The non-breaking space shows on the plot as completely blank.


P.S. having said all of that, I have wished for similar things myself (to avoid having to enter all of this info manually per sheet) so I'm going to give this one a vote.


Here's a screenshot of what the "preliminary block" looks like.




We also really need this. I have a sheet set template and connected drawing templates 99% finished, but we can't use it because there's currently no way to automate fields based on sheet subsets. 99 % of the properties would be automatically linked properly but the user would have to manually go through all drawings to fill out information based on the current sheet subset....


In addition to this, it would also be very useful to attach a custom property to objects residing within a sheet. For example, say I have several sheets of details and I would like to note that the user of the plans should go to a specific sheet in order to find the corresponding detail. Right now, I would have to reference the sheet that contains the detail in order to reference that page, but what happens if later I have more details or the details need to be rearranged and that particular detail ends up on another page. Now, I would have to go back and change all notes referring to the sheet that contains that detail because the detail is no longer on the sheet is was before, but the note is still referrencing the old sheet.


What would be better is if I could reference the sheet number of whatever sheet an object resides in, that way if I move the object to another drawing or sheet, the notation still jibes.


Perhaps this could be accomplished by creating a sort of "tag" that gets attached to an object and is then referred back to via data references or something. That way all drawings associated with a sheet set have access to that "tag" data. 

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