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Setting profile Data band Styles or Section View band Styles is really stupid

Setting profile Data band Styles or Section View band Styles is really stupid

The reason why we usually only do this procedure once, is not the reason why this procedure is so austere.


I mean:

If a Profile Data Band style is composed by 6 types of labels: Major Station, Minor Station, Horizontal Geometry Point, Vertical Geometry Point, Station Equation and Icremental Distance, why do we have to define every time [Compose label] for each one?

It is simply non-productive..




Due to we cannot save the [compose style] such a style, why we cannot copy the definition in another type of label as you can see in the following picture from a combobox?:




We can copy a component from the same type but we cannot copy all components from another type to the selected type of label.

Every time I want to match the composition of the labels for each type of label then I have to do a screenshoot !!!!! Is Autodesk joking me? Really?


OK, I understand that each label may not have the same properties that other labels.

For example, the "Minor Station" type has one more property called "offset from main station" regarding the "Major Station".

Then, we were not able to copy a "minor station" label which contains a component with that property (content) to the "Major Station", but in that case, Civil 3D simply will ignore that component of the sytle...............  No problem.

Simply throws a message.

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