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Section View Properties Dialog Box improvements

Section View Properties Dialog Box improvements

The Section View Properties Dialog Box needs forward and back arrows to move through the section views. This button would also move the CAD window to the next (or previous) section depending on which arrow you select. This would allow you to correct things like overlapping call-outs, USE THE UP AND DOWN BUTTONS,from my last post, TO RAISE OR LOWER THE SECTION A GRID AT A TIME, or any other changes you need, then simply move to the next section without closing the dialog box, panning or zooming to the next section, right clicking on the grid and selecting properties. Big time saving when working the sections! Also, why do I have to hit the apply button? when I change a feature line style I want to see it immediately, so if I chose the wrong style I see it immediately and can reselect the correct style or select the UNDO button, that needs to be at the left of the selection field containing the style name, if I changed the wrong Feature Line.


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