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Read Only Ability Everywhere

Read Only Ability Everywhere

In the world of working so much from the cloud having the ability to open a drawing read only from everywhere is a huge quality of life improvement. This option is quite inconsistent in its availability.


Places where I've noticed I cannot open a file read only and would like to:

Right click menu for xref in model space.

Right click menu in external reference palette (also should be a select xref/zoom to in this one as well)

Right click on a data shortcut - Open source drawing read only (Also, data shortcuts that are in the drawing don't even have the option to open source drawing)


I am sure I am missing some locations, but this seems like a pretty common-sense user interface addition.


Application menu recent documents

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Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @awkeller88 . Thank you for the idea. You mentioned the cloud in your idea. To be clear: are you asking for read only open in cloud only workflows, or in local workflows, too?

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