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"Double edged" feature lines

"Double edged" feature lines

It would be practical if we could have an option to assign 2 elevations to each point of feature lines one from each side. This could work very well when we design stairs or walls but could also be useful to design a curb if we do not seek high precision of the drawing.

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I voted for this, but I do not see how it can work with the current model that does not allow vertical segments in the 3D model. I think that what you are asking for could be achieved with dynamically linked stepped offsets. (Changes to the base FL would be reflected in the FL created by a stepped offset.


As a partial work around, you could use grading objects.

A grade to distance with a distance of 0.01 and a slope of 0.0025:1 would give a 4.0 high wall. A grade to distance with a distance of 0.08 and a slope of 0.016:1 would give a 6" high curb with 1" batter.


Of course you would be saddled with the limitations of using grading objects. Editing of the graded FL is limited and grading objects are toxic and will eventually corrupt the drawing.


I suspect that any action from Autodesk on this idea will come in a corridor enhancement, not FL grading.

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