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Modify the coding for structure projection in profile view

Modify the coding for structure projection in profile view

The setup:

  1. We have a pipe network with structures having the style display the structure's boundary both in plan and profile views.
  2. We have an alignment on top of the pipe network (or running parallel with it).
  3. We have the pipe network projected on the profile views.

Existing result:

The projection displays the width of the structure.

Expected result:

The projection displays the length of the structure, since we take the alignment (or pipe network) orientation as reference to define the length/width of structure.


Furthermore, rotating the structure does not update the projection's dimensions in the profile view.

The pipes' projection in the profile view does update based on the orientation of the alignment in report with the pipe (ovality of the projection of crossing pipe is dictated by the angle between pipe and alignment, and by the vertical exaggeration).


Can we have the same setting (or coding, not sure what's the correct term) for the structures?

Thank you!

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @dan_perde . Thanks for posting this idea. Are you looking for a behavior that is similar to the Sliced Section option for structure styles?


No, what I'm talking about are 2 issues:

  1. The fact that the profile view does not display the correct measurement of the structure. In the section view, the structure is displaying the width (as is supposed to). For the same structure, the profile view also displays the width of the structure; where in reality the profile should display the length of the structure (since the section is perpendicular on the alignment).
  2. Rotating the structure 90° should swap the side displayed in the profile and section views. It does not.

So basically I would like a true representation of the structure in profile and section (based on the dimensions of the structure at the alignment or section line). The pipes have this ability, to be displayed with ovality in the profile or section views, ovality size dictated by the crossing angle between the pipe and alignment/section line.


Thanks for clarifying, @dan_perde . 

Would you be able to test this in Civil 3D 2023? I believe we have this addressed. Using section view as an example, rotating the structures shows the correct orientation:




Thank you @TimYarris , it works great in 2023! We are still using 2021 in my Bureau, and it's not working. Time for an upgrade I guess...

On another topic, I must say...I very much not like the new desktop icons...when are we? 1998?

Status changed to: Implemented

@dan_perde , I'm glad you're satisfied with the behavior in 2023!

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