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Measure By Chord Length?

Measure By Chord Length?

Why can we not measure by CHORD length?


Be it for laying out commercial/residential lots, parking spaces, etc., both the MEASURE Command, as well as the Parcel Creation Tools *should* allow us to measure by CHORD length.


Local land development code doesn't accept arc length for residential lot frontage as example, and having to manually calculate the needed arc length based on degree of curvature, in order to obtain the desired chord length, for both inside, and outside of a given radii is a PITA.


Manually drawing a circle to locate the desired chord isn't a good use of Civil 3D either, IMO.




Status changed to: Future Consideration

There is an menu of commands for laying in ARC in Civil 3D that will take Chord Lenght as an input. In addition the curve lables all support Chord Length.


Are you talking about the standard AutoCAD ARC commands and not ones that were added years ago in Civil 3D?




Peter Funk

Autodesk, Inc.


No @peterfunkautodesk - I'm not talking about this:




I'm quite explicitly talking about the MEASURE Command, and the Parcel Layout Tools.


Not sure what the land development code in your area is like, but down here in Florida we are required to meet lot and parking space widths according to chord length, and not arc length. The prospect of having an arc calculator open, just so I can have to manually calculate the same values for each-and-every-single right of way, or rear lot line to layout residential lots, for each inside, and outside of centerline radii, is a non-starter. 


What im getting at, is the tools provided us in Civil 3D do not actually do what is needed - sure, arc length measurements may be fine for some, but it is insufficient to meet my project requirements, therefore when calculating frontage, etc. we should have a means by which to specify arc length vs chord length - for both MEASURE Command, and Parcel Layout Tools. 



Status changed to: Gathering Support

I second this. These should be built into the parcels tool for sure. Laying out residential lots or parking stalls, while conservative, using the arc length actually leads to waiste.  In most cases more parking stalls can be provided, or less asphalt could be used because the vehile only needs the distance along the chord, not the arc. The same applies to homes lots. A piece of realestate can yeild a significant more amount of lots if utilizing the chord length (at the home setbacks) rather than the arc-length. Right now we can't utilize the parcel tools with curvilinear subdivisions specifically because of this reason.




Still wishing I had this for a task today... Grr

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